6.H. Scheduled Actions

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Scheduled actions can be set up from the right-mouse-click-menu.

A start time and optional interval for repetition can be specifiedfor the task.

The planned actions can be set up for individual clients or an entire group, depending on the selection:

- wake up

- shut down

- standby

- Reboot

- send Message

- Rediscover

After selecting the desired action, activate the Scheduled checkbox. Then the description for the planned action can be edited, the date can be specified via the calendar button and the time can be specified via a drop-down menu for execution. In order to run the planned action regularly, the Recurring checkbox must be activated. The interval can then be specified via a drop-down menu.

For clients that are in a network area, where the TCMS signal will not work (e.g. a Wake-On-Lan command), the task can be redirected to a thin client, which is capable of executing the command.

Note: The client which overtakes the task from TCMS must be switched on, when the task is created on TCMS and at the time it should be executed.

The planned actions can be edited and deleted later via the tab next to the group tree view.


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