General - Install/Distribute Root Certificates on Clients

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When using your own certificate infrastructure, it is necessary to make the root certificate known to the clients to ensure secure communication.

RangeeOS offers various options for deploying the certificate to a client or distributing it via a TCMS.

Via the Thin Client's Kommbox

Under Tools -> Certificates , you have the option "Install Certificates" to transfer a certificate to the client.

Here you can choose whether to install the certificates "Global" (distributable via TCMS) or only "Local" (usable only by this client).


Via a TCMS

Certificate as Part of the Group Configuration

The certificates installed as described under "Via the Thin Client's Kommbox" with the option "Global" (distributable via TCMS) can be transferred to other clients as part of the group configuration. To do this, pull a new group configuration from the respective client after installing the certificate.

Distribute Certificates via a ZIP Archive

Alternatively, you can also distribute all certificates to your clients via a ZIP archive. To do this, proceed as follows:

On the TCMS Side

Open the TCMS Kommbox (https://IP-hostname without /tcms) and navigate to Tools -> Certificates -> Global Settings . At this point, you can upload an archive containing all the required certificates. The certificates must all be located in the root directory of the ZIP archive and be Base64 encoded (cert/pem).

On the Thin Client Side

Navigate here as well to Tools -> Certificates -> Global Settings and check the box "Download the certificate archive from TCMS". This will cause the certificate archive to be downloaded from TCMS again at each startup.

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