General -  Export or import of a configuration file

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Applies to all previously released Firmware and Kommbox versions

In many situations it can be useful to export the Configuration File of a Thin Client, e.g.:

  • For support requests
  • When you want to transfer a Configuration File from one Client to another without using a Management Server

Included Data

The following information is stored in  an exported, password-protected Configuration File:

  • Complete current configuration (except for Network Settings - these are not transferred via file)
  • Support information such as: 
    • Log files
    • Installed package versions
    • Generated Script files


The option to export a Configuration File can be found in the Kommbox under:


If you have opened the Kommbox remotely via a browser, you will be offered the Configuration file for download. If you are locally on the device, you have the option of storing the Configuration File on a USB flash drive (USB stick must be integrated accordingly → Default configuration).


The option to import a configuration can be found in the same place in the Kommbox:


If you have opened the Kommbox remotely via a browser you can now select a Configuration File from your harddisk. If you are locally on the device, you can import a configuration file from a USB Flash Drive (the file must be in the root directory of the Flash Drive). 

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