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This Howto describes, how you can perform a new installation of the Rangee OS with a USB-Stick.

This can be used, if you only buy a Rangee OS license or if you have to reinstall a device after a faulty update.

First of all you need the installation-ISO-file - you will get this from our technical support on request in form of a direct download link.

Additionally you need the tool rufus, for which you will also get a download link.

Step 1 - Deploy a USB flash drive:

First you should format your USB stick with the file system Fat32. In Windows, you need to right-click on your USB stick and select Format... Select FAT32 (default) at "File System:" and check Quick Formatting.

Attention: this will delete all data on the USB stick!

Download the ISO file and rufus from the Rangee Update Server.

Insert the USB-Stick into a Windows Desktop/Laptop and start rufus . Under Image, select the downloaded ISO-file and under Drive your USB-Stick - then click OK. When the process is complete, you can safely eject the USB stick.

Step 2 - Installation on the Thin Client:

Plug the USB stick into your Thin Client and start it. Press the key for the boot menu or for BIOS directly and repeatedly during startup - the keys vary by device and are usually set to Del , F2 , ESC , F9 , F11 and F12 .

Boot from your USB stick, click on "Install Rangee OS" in the selection dialogs and confirm the dialogs".

After the installation you have to reboot the machine using the option "Reboot" in the selection dialog.

After the reboot you will be asked to enter a serial number and a device type - these queries have to be filled in - but what you enter doesn't matter, because the entries are only for easier identification if a TCMS is used.

Step 3 - Initial setup:

After restarting, the initial installation is pending - here you can already make network settings and create connections. After you have finished the initial setup, the Thin Client will restart - all further settings can be made via the kommbox, which has the default user "administrator" and the password "engels" preset.

In case of problems and/or questions you can of course contact the Rangee Support Team - either via the support form or via an e-mail inquiry to

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