RangeeOS - Allow users to choose between predetermined resolutions

Last modified by Tobias Wintrich on 2024/03/26 11:05

With the software module "system-screen-resolution-select," an icon can be created on the desktop and/or start menu for the thin client user. This icon allows the user to choose from three resolutions predetermined by the administrator.

Last documented with:

system-screen-resolution-select 12.00 build 006


The software module "system-screen-resolution-select" must be installed on the corresponding thin client. If the module is not offered for installation, please contact our support team (support@rangee.com).



To allow the user to use the function, grant them the permission "Select screen resolution" (under the "Connections & Applications" heading) via User -> "Guest" Edit .
Optionally, at the same location, grant the user permission for "Screen" (under "Ports"). This provides them with the ability to switch to the client's screen settings via a direct link within the application.


Configuring Resolutions

Under Connections -> Select Screen Resolution , you can define three resolutions that you want to make available to your users. You can also specify at the same location whether you want to create a start menu and/or desktop entry.



Through the desktop icon / start menu entry, the user can now choose which resolution to use with a simple click.

Using the switch Advanced Settings opens the screen configuration (if permission has been granted).


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