TCMS - Satellite TCMS

Last modified by Tobias Wintrich on 2024/04/22 12:31

The TCMS Satellite is an adjunct to the Thin Client Management Server (TCMS), specifically designed to assume TCMS tasks within subnets. This solution enables efficient distribution of updates to locations with limited bandwidth and facilitates the execution of tasks such as Wake-on-LAN (WOL) at remote sites where no routing function is available.


The operation of the TCMS Satellite is based on a Thin Client installation and requires the additional "TCMS Repository Mirror" license for each individual TCMS Satellite.

The feature requires at least the following firmware and software versions:


  • Firmware 11.00 build 380
  • tcms 1.8 11.00 build 074

Thin Client as TCMS Satellite

  • Firmware x64 12.00 build 111

Additionally, within the TCMS, a Thin Client designated as a Satellite must be assigned the additional role of "Satellite".