6.F. Create and edit Group Configuration

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The first group configuration can only be created from an existing client configuration.

After creating a new group, drag and drop a client with the desired configuration from the client list.

You can now import the configuration of the client as a group configuration into the TCMS using the "Pull Configuration" option from Right-Click-Mouse-Menu.

Note: Make sure, that the update server will have the firmware and software version available for download.

Edit the group configuration from TCMS:

On the group Information menu, go to the configuration tab and choose edit.

You can change the settings and save.

Edit the group configuration from TC: (Recommended)

Remove the profiles from group

Add a thin client as member of the group.

Remove the profiles from thin client

Reboot the thin client to make sure, that the thin has the group configuration.

Set the thin client state to "test" (Doubleclick on the thin client, select test, click Update)

Prepare the new thin client configuration.

Reboot and test properly.

Pull Configuration

Reset Thin Client to member, add profile to the group if required.


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