6.E. Group Information

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In the group information you can see and set different group information. The group information is displayed in the lower left corner of the user interface. This area can be shown or hidden using the double arrow button at the top right.


Info: A. Group Name (name and description) B. Configuration: Configuration file name, Assigned profiles, Firmware and softwaremodules that are related to the configuration

Settings: A. Change Group name and description. B. Inheritance settings for complete configuration and profiles

Configuration: edit, import, export, delete group configuration; Copy parent configuration; Create Profiles from existing configuration and assign profiles to the group.

Subnet: Add subnet area with Name, Start-IP, End-IP, and Broadcast address; IP address range is used for discover function and Broadcast address for Wake-on-LAN distribution

Admins: Assigned Admins to the group; If user from AD Group have been added, they can be assigned to a device group with drag-and-drop.


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