6.A.D. Reset Client Status (TCMS Settings, Discover, Re-Register)

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Client registration at TCMS can preceed as follows

A. Automatic registration during boot and shutdown process:

KOMMBOX  → Remote Administration TCMS Settings
following settings would be recommended:


B. Redscover groups of client by IP address range:

In the TCMS-Interface select the group where you want to run discover

In the group Configuration set a subnet

Right Mouse Click on the group and select discover group


All IP adress in the subnet will get the information to perform a registration.

Note: The TCMS address must already be set correctly.

3. Rediscover single client from Right-Click-Mouse menu

In TCMS-Interface klick on the client

Actions -> Rediscover


Note: Rediscover can happen automatically as scheduled action on TCMS or thin client

Note: Rediscover only works if the thin client has network connection.

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